__Founders in Sand Cast Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, Monel and Special Alloys


We can work from both customer specifications as well as existing patterns, when necessary. On-site machining capabilities allow us to provide parts in any form-from rough to semi-machined to fully machined.

Casting Metals

Superior Bronze can provide castings in a range of quantities, from as few as one to as many as 10,000 or 20,000. Our experience in casting metals, includes:
  • Tin Bronzes
  • Leaded Tin Bronze
  • High Leaded Tin Bronze
  • Red Brass
  • Yellow Brass
  • Manganese Bronze
  • Silicon Bronze
  • Aluminum Bronze
  • Nickel Silver
  • Ni-Vee Bronze
  • Cu-Pro Nickel
  • Pure Nickel
  • Monel
  • 304,310,316 Stainless Steel
  • Pure Copper
  • Nearly all aluminum alloys
  • Casting Sizes

    Brass, Bronze: 1 oz. to 1,000 lbs.
    Aluminum Alloys: 1 oz. to 600 lbs.
    Monel and other Nickel-Based Alloys: 1 oz. to 500 lbs.
    Stainless Steel: 1 oz. to 250 lbs

    Our Capabilities

    Core-Making: Shell, CO2 and oil sand processes; capabilities ranging from a single core of simple design to multiple, complex-core inserts.

    Melting: Capacity to pour 18,000 pounds per shift utilizing two 750-pound Detroit Electric Furnaces and 10 gas-fired units.

    Molding: Green sand molding at Jolt Squeezer, bench and floor molding stations.

    Machining: CNC machining services and finish capabilities including milling, drilling, turning, tapping, threading and boring.
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